The True Blair Witch Legend

The former township of Blair was located in in central Maryland, about 100 miles west of Baltimore.

February, 1777: Elly Kedward is luring several children into her house to draw blood from them. She is banished from the township after been found guilty of witchcraft, because of the extremely cold weather she was presumed dead.

December, 1789: The children Elly Kedward drew blood from vanished from the township. The townspeople searches did not bring any results on the whereabouts of the children.

August, 1808: The city of Burkittsville is founded on the site of the township of Blair.

September, 1822: Eileen Treacle is drowing in the Tappy East Creek at the age of 10. Her body is never recovered 13 days later wrapped in old sheets and bundles of oily sticks and human bones.

June, 1888: The eight-year-old Robin Weaver is reported missing; a search parties was dispatched and never returned. Robin came back to Burkittsville 6 days after her disappearance, hungry and badly injured. The search party was found one month later at Coffin Rock, the head seperated from the bodies, the eyes were removed.

January, 1944: Emily Rosie Hollands and six other children are abducted from Burkittsville, Maryland.

March, 28. 1947: Rustin Parr, a strange old man that lived in the woods outside of Burkittsville alone, walks into a local market and proclaims to the people there that he is “finally finished”. Sheriff Beauford Nigel searched his house and found the seven bodies of the missing children in his cellar. Each body was badly mutilated and has been ritualistically murdered and disemboweled. Again, the eyes have been removed. Parr admits to have commited the murders, he told that a voice in his head was ordering him to abduct and kill the children. On April, 17th he was convicted and hanged.

The Blair Witch is still active in the woods surrounding Burkittsville. Everybody ever been to Burkittsville can confirm the the presence of evil. We urge you not to visit Burkittsville alone. There are still getting people lost in and around Burkittsville.



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